Where to find the official GNU ld and linker script documentation?

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This is another post in the series of stuff I wish I knew when I started studying in 2015. So, dear past me, here you go. The very short answer is that all GNU binutils documentation, which GNU ld is part of, is hosted at sourceware.org/binutils. One also finds the documentation of the linker script language (as part of GNU ld), GNU as (gas) and GNU BFD library (libbfd), including more binutils there.

If you are born after ~1996 and started to gain real interest in software, computers, and programming after ~2010, you are familiar with nice and shiny websites, good documentation, and nice READMEs. The problem with the official binutils documentation is, or was to me, that it just never looked like official documentation because of the ugly text-only website. Because of that, I never looked into it in my early university years and preferred to hate GNU ld and linker scripts and other outdated resources I found online. 😂

I can recall pretty well how complicated it was to me in 2016 in university to get into GNU ld and how disturbed I was by not finding its official documentation… haha.. the good old days when everything was rocket science and greek to me. 😀

PS: For a little over two years now, I really love GNU ld and linker scripts. They are really fun and the documentation is good. I often needed to play around with GNU ld and linker scripts for my toy kernel and bootloader projects.

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