Get To Know Me

Hello, I’m Philipp, or Phips for short. Online you can find me as @phip1611 in most places.

This website used to be my personal project and was a quite cool and important project to me starting in 2014. From 2017 I had less and less time and passion for this project. In the same time, I started to study Computer Science at TU Dresden and started to program a lot of free-time projects and as a student software developer. This way, this blog transformed more and more to a programming-related blog, where I share interesting findings, tutorials, and similar stuff. Since 2020 I primarily write about technical challenges I encountered and discuss how I solved them.

I especially like low level development, making ugly things nice, and de-mystify “low level magic”. I made lots of GitHub-hosted projects related to all kinds of topics. I am familiar with the span from distributed high-level services written in Java to writing assembly code. Looking forward to learning something new every day during my journey!